Best Airbrush Kits 2019 – Top 20 Picks & Buyer’s Guide

By Vince Nova | Last updated on December 22, 2020

An airbrush is a very helpful tool for painters, artists, cake decorators, makeup artists and for everyone who wants to do airbrushing. But for an airbrush to work, you need some other tools like hose, air compressor and among others. Together with the airbrush itself, we can call them as an airbrush kit. An airbrush kit is a set of tools including the airbrush which you can use to fully do the airbrushing. In this article, we’ll present to you our top picks for the best airbrush kits available. In a hurry? Here’s our pick for the best airbrush kit on Amazon.

We’ll present key features and compare different airbrush kits for you to check and consider. So if you are looking for a good airbrush kit, hopefully this article can help you with it. With this, it would be easier and clearer for you if the airbrush kit you are looking for has the features you need for your craft.

An airbrush kit is a set of tools consisting mainly of the airbrush along with other required tools so that you can fully do an airbrushing work. Whether you work as a painting, decorating a cake or doing makeup to someone, an airbrush kit will come in very handy and useful. 

The most common tools found in an airbrush kit are the airbrush, airbrush hose and air compressor. Sometimes,  the content to spray is also part of it. These materials which the airbrush will spray is either paint, food dye or for makeup. So, whatever tool is needed to fully use an airbrush should be part of the kit.

With a complete set of airbrush tools, you can now do your airbrush works. And, depending upon the kind of airbrush work you will do, you may find different sets of tools needed. So, it’s better to consider your work before you choose any airbrush kit. Not to say, the type of airbrush and its kit should really be good and suitable for your work.

Top 20 Best Airbrush Kits in 2019

Here’s our list of the best airbrush kits currently available in the market. So, this is the list of the top 20 Best Airbrush Kits you can choose from.

The top pick for the best airbrush kit is PointZero Dual Action Airbrush Kit. This airbrush kit is from PointZero Airbrush brand which has a portfolio of airbrushes and airbrush supplies.

This airbrush set is multi-purpose which makes it suitable for a wide variety of applications. PointZero airbrush kit is fitting for auto and cycle graphic works, crafts, t-shirts, murals, fine arts and among others.

This airbrush set includes 3 airbrush guns and a PointZero ultra compact air compressor. The first airbrush gun is a premium dual-action, internal-mix gravity feed with a 7 cc color cup with a pre-installed 0.3 mm nozzle set. Second, a fine-detail dual-action, internal-mix, gravity-feed with a low-profile 2 cc with pre-installed 0.2 mm nozzle set.

The third airbrush gun is a broad-coverage, single-action, external-mix airbrush with a 22 cc siphon feed jar and a 0.8 mm nozzle set. With the compressor, there is a consistent source of air pressure for better results. 

Aside from the air compressor and the airbrushes, this kit also includes instructions, Airbrush Essentials: Master The Basics DVD and a download for airbrushing guides. These things make this airbrush kit as our top choice.

The next in line is from Paasche, the Paasche H-Set airbrush kit is great for beginners and for works which requires easy and quick spraying. Aside from that, this can also be used for hobbies, crafts, ding repairs, ceramics, cake decorations, taxidermy, tanning, tattoos and among others. The H airbrush is made in the USA.

This airbrush kit includes 3 head sizes which are H #3 airbrush, size 1 and size 5 spray heads, 1 ounce bottle assembly, 1/4 ounce metal cup, 1 ounce storage bottle, wrench, hanger, 6 foot braided hose, lessons booklet and a manual.

The airbrush features a chrome plated body which is for durability. With all of its 3 spray heads, it provides flexibility for difference applications.

The H single action provides the user to achieve fine lines which can be down to 1/16 inch as well as wide patterns of up to 1-1/2 inch. The H airbrush provides easy usage with minimal practice as compared to double action airbrush models.

The Art of Air set is an airbrush makeup kit. With this airbrush kit, it provides a great way to do makeup using airbrush. The airbrush makeup can provide a great look for anyone with plenty of cosmetic benefits.

One nice benefits from using airbrush for makeup is that the application can take faster than traditional makeup. Aside from that, it provides a good way to apply makeup to your skin. 

The Art of Air airbrush makeup kit can help you conceal age spots, blemishes, redness, freckles, acne, birth marks, wrinkles and fine lines. 

This airbrush makeup set includes professional single-action gravity feed airbrush, airbrush cleaner and a mini airbrush compressor which is quiet and with fully adjustable airflow control settings. Aside from these, it also includes a fair to medium tone makeup foundation, anti-aging moisturizing primer, tropical bronzer, pink papaya blush and a pearl shimmer highlighter.

Another airbrush set from Paasche, the H-100D airbrush kit provides capability for most airbrush applications.  This set includes a single action airbrush, a compressor and 7 brush cleaning kit.

To be specific, the airbrush is a singe action H-Set airbrush, the compressor is D500SR while the cleaning kit is AC-7. 

The H airbrush is great for beginners and it has 3 spray heads. Then, the compressor can deliver 20-30 PSI depending upon which spray head is used.

Another good choice comes from Grex, the Grex GCK03 airbrush combo kit with Tritium. 

The airbrush is a top gravity airbrush with double action pistol style trigger which is offers different but great ergonomics.

The compressor is a quiet and portable Grex AC1810-A airbrush compressor. It also features moisture trap, pressure gauge and air regulator. Aside from these, this set also contains instructional DVD, micro air control valve, 6 ft length air hose, private stock airbrush color, top cups with lids, quick-fit standard neeedle cap, crown needle cap, nozzle wrench and plastic carrying case.

The Master Airbrush Professional 3 airbrush system is ideal for plenty of applications such as hobbies, fine art, crafts, temporary tattoos, nail art, cake decoration, tanning, cosmetics, auto and motorcycle graphics and many others. 

This set contains 3 airbrushes from Master best selling airbrushes which are G25, G22, E91. 

Aside from the airbrushes, a Master airbrush compressor is also in the package with plenty of features. 

The complete system includes 3 airbrushes, compressor, plastic air hose, siphon bottles, 6 primary US art supply, fittings, cleaning brush set, airbrush holder,  airbrush cleaning set and guides.

The next one is an airbrush kit from Harder & Steenbeck. The Harder & Steenbeck Infinity CR Plus 2in1 airbrush provides innovative way of having adjustable trigger mechanism. 

Aside from the airbrush, the set includes self-centering socket-type nozzle and gravity feed 2ml + 5 cups with lids. 

There is a bonus Sparmax 1/8″-1/8″ coiled air hose and cleaning brush set when buying from SprayGunner.

The VL Airbrush set is another choice from Paasche. This airbrush kit can be used in many applications such as for hobbies, crafts, ceramics, taxidermy, cake decoration, automotive detailing, t-shirts, tanning and tattoos. This aibrush set made in the US. 

What’s good in this is that the airbrush can functions as both single action and double action. 

As double action airbrush, it can achieve fine lines. With its roller in front of the trigger, it allows the airbrush to become a single action airbrush for simpler controls.

This set includes VL #3 airbrush, size 1 & 5 spray heads, storage bottle, metal cup, bottle assembly, wrench, hanger, braided hose, lessons booklet and manual.

Next is another airbrush set from Paasche, the TG-3F airbrush kit. This is a new airbrush set from Paasche which can provide fine details for your works. 

The TG-3F airbrush is a double action, gravity feed airbrush with chrome plate body and durable anodized aluminum handle. It is also made in USA. 

As for the package, it includes TG #3 airbrush, cup, size 1 & 3 spray heads, fan aircap, wrenches, hanger, braided hose, lessons booklet and manual.

This is great for high end detail works. The applications are like cake decoration, automotive graphics, tattoos, taxidermy, graphic arts, nails art, illustrations and among others.

Now from Badger, the Badger Co 360-7 airbrush set is very versatile. It features capability of being a gravity feed as well as bottom feed airbrush. This is a also dual action, internal mix airbrush. It’s made in the USA. 

This model contains a 360 airbrush with all purpose nozzle or needle, 3 mixing jars, 2 jar adaptors, air hose, protective cap and manual. Its rotational seal is patented which allows it to perform as gravity feed or as siphon feed mode. Also, it has patent on the needle removal. 

With its single size needle design, it can spray different medium like watercolors, inks to lacquers, Air-Tex, Air-Opaque, SpectraText, Modelflex and Totally Tattoo airbrush paints.

From Master Airbrush, this complete cake decorating set provides you with everything that you’ll need to start. 

It includes the G34 dual-action airbrush set, E91 siphon feed airbrush set and TC-20 air compressor. 

The air compressor has an air regulator with gauge.


Aside from the airbrushes and the compressor, the set also includes Chefmaster airbrush food color pack of 12 in 0.7 fl oz bottles of different colors. It also has a training book “How to Airbrush Training Book” from TCP Global. 

This cake decorating airbrush set is great for cakes, fondants, gum pastes, pastries, sugar pastes, icings, isomalts and among others.

Another one from Master Airbrush, this multi-purpose airbrush system is a great starter kit for students and beginners. It includes the G22 airbrush and the TC-20 air compressor. 

The airbrush is a versatile gravity feed type with a 1/3 oz gravity fluid cup and 0.3 mm tip. The compressor has 1/6 HP but is lightweight and portable. 

It has automatic on and off control as well as air adjustment. It’s a single cylinder piston compressor.  More info about the air compressor, it has air delivery of 23 liters per minute and 0.7 CFM at 50 PSI. Its working pressure is around 12 – 35 PSI. For its air control, it can regulate pressure with gauge and water trap filter.

Another entry from Paasche, the TG-3W kit is a double action, gravity feed airbrush. It has durable build with its chrome plated body and anodized aluminum handle. Together with the airbrush, there are 3 spray head and fan air caps. 

The TG is among Paasche’s finest detail airbrush for hair line detail as well as for wider patterns using the fan air cap.

It is great for works which requires high end details such automotive graphics, decorations and arts.The airbrush is made in the United States. 

This kit includes the TG #2 double action airbrush, 4 oz cup, spray head sizes 1 & 3, fan air cap, 2 wrenches, hanger, 6′ braided hose, manual and lessons booklet.

The Master Airbrush G233 kit includes the model G233 airbrush which also has 3 needle nozzle set with sizes 0.2, 0.3 and 0.5 mm. 

The common uses of this airbrush are for hobbies, crafts, tattoos, fine arts, nail arts, automotive graphics, cake decorations and cosmetics. 

The airbrush can be setup for either hair line detail spray, overall spray or wide spray patterns. The airbrush also has a quick disconnect coupler and a plug which includes a built-in air flow control valve.

From GotHobby, the GotHobby airbrush paint spray gun kit is intended for drawings, paintings, cosmetics, tanning, temporary tattoos, cake decorations, automotive body works and other airbrushing hobbies.

It features the C2-30A gravity feed, dual-action airbrush. This airbrush is a multi-purpose airbrush which offers good performance.

 It has a nozzle of 0.3 mm with 7 cc fluid cup with lid. It’s made up of durable steel. With its removable back cover, it allows adjustment to the thin spraying line. 

Aside from the airbrush, this set includes nozzle spanner, 2 cc eye dropper for fluid refills, wrench, portable storage case and instruction manual.

The next airbrush set is from Iwata-Medea – the Deluxe Airbrush set. This package includes the Eclipse CS gravity feed airbrush and the Smart Jet air compressor. 

The Eclipse CS airbrush is a large cup airbrush. And, the air compressor has auto-shut off feature. 

Aside from the airbrush and the compressor, this set also includes 10 bottles of Iwata-Medea art colors and 8 oz bottle of airbrush cleaner. It also includes the Artool freehand template and video. 

Here’s another entry from Iwata, the Eclipse ECL 4500 HP-CS kit. This package includes the ECL 4500 Eclipse HP-CS airbrush along with the Ninja Jet compressor. 

This is great for background spraying and moderate detailing. 

The airbrush is a gravity feed type with ergonomic handle. It’s a multi-purpose airbrush with high paint flow which features a .35 mm combination of needle and nozzle.

The air compressor is the Iwata Ninja Jet compresor which is quiet and compact. This compressor features a low maintenance oil-less piston motor. It also has adjustable air pressure regulator. With an air hose, this compressor is a good choice for portable air.

Here’s another one from Master Airbrush, the MAS Kit VC16-B22 package. The airbrush is the model G22 airbrush and the air compressor is the C16 Black Mini air compressor. 

This kit is great for automotive graphics, hobbies, nail arts, temporary tattoos, cake decoration and tanning.

The airbrush is a dual-action, gravity feed airbrush. It has a 0.3 mm needle and nozzle combination while having a 1/3 oz gravity fluid cup. And, the compressor provides air on demand. It means it shuts off when it is not in use. It comes along with 6 foot braided air hose.

For those who uses airbrush for cosmetics and makeup, this one is for you from Photo Finish. This airbrush makeup kit offers a flawless finish and coverage for all skin types. 

The aim of this airbrush set is for professional makeup artist. However, this can be used by both beginners and professionals.

The airbrush is a single-action, gravity feed aribrush with a 0.3 mm tip and 1/16 oz cup. And, the air compressor is a mini compressor with an adjustable air flow controls. 

Aside from the airbrush and compressor, this set also includes 5 pcs fair and medium foundation set, concealer, blush, shimmer, Neroli anti-aging primer and silica finishing powder. It also has a carrying bag where you can place your airbrush kit.

Lastly but definitely not the least, the Iwata HP-CS Eclipse airbrush set. The HP-CS Eclipse is a dual-action and gravity feed airbrush. However, the air compressor is a Master Airbrush TC-20T air compressor with tank. 

The airbrush has 0.35 mm needle and nozzle combination. It comes with 1/3 ounce gravity flip and the 6 braided hose. 

And, the air compressor has auto on or off shutoff, air regulator with gauge and a water trap filter.

Aside from that, this also include 12 primary opaque US Art Supply together with 1 oz of 12 primary colors. This also comes in with airbrush reducer & extender base as well as 1 bottle of airbrush cleaner. 

The Best Airbrush Kits Guide

An airbrush kit is a good way to start your venture for airbrushing. These airbrush sets can provide you with different kinds of airbrush and tools for you to consider as you start or as you continue work work with airbrushes. We hope that this comprehensive guide can provide you with information about airbrush kits.

How To Choose The Best Airbrush Kit?

The best thing with having plenty of choices for something is that you’ll have lots of options to pick from. With several airbrush kits, how will you pick or choose the best kit? These are the different factors you can consider in choosing the best airbrush kit for your needs.

The Work You Want To Do

First of all, you need to think of the kind of work you want to do with an airbrush. There are plenty of applications where you can use the airbrush such as make up, automotive designs, painting and among others. It is important that you will consider this since there are airbrush kits which are specifically created for a certain application. And, if you wanted to do different things, then you can choose the airbrush kit which is more multi-purpose so it can accommodate the kind of works you want to do.


There are different types of airbrush like whether it is single action or double actions. Also, do you want to have the gravity feed or siphon feed. Do you want to have other spray head options? These are just some of the important questions you will have to answer before you choose an airbrush. After all, the main tool to use for airbrushing is the airbrush itself. Thus, it is extremely important to first consider what type of airbrush you want to have. There are also some airbrushes which has flexible features. However, there are also airbrush kits which has different airbrushes for different uses.

Air Compressor

Another important part of you airbrushing work is the air compressor. There are some kits which doesn’t have an air compressor included. And, there are most of the airbrush sets which includes air compressors. So, it is important to consider if what or which air compressor will you have to use. The main advantage of having an airbrush kit with an air compressor is that you are sure that the air compressor works well with the airbrush. Thus, compatibility between an airbrush and the compressor is also something to look into.


Most of the time, the price of an item is always a factor for anyone who wants to buy. Although, this may not be true to those which really are very cheap. But for things like airbrush and more so for airbrush kits, this is definitely a factor. Any buyer would want to have better return for a fair price. So, the features you are looking for an airbrush kit will determine how much you are willing to spend. Therefore, it is important to know what you need and how much are you willing to pay for it.

Product Reviews

One of the best way to really know more of the product is to read its reviews. Most especially, when the reviews comes from actual buyers and users and provides really useful information and insights. Most of the time, you should look for reviews which provides feedback on the performance, durability and how effective the device is. The same is true for airbrush and airbrush kits. You will know how the output of the airbrush kit and how durable the tools are.

Cleaning, Maintenance & Support

When you look for an airbrush or an airbrush kit, it is also important to check how you will clean the tools. This is most specially true to the airbrush. After using it, you’ll need to clean it to clear it from the paint or medium so it will be ready for the next use. And, the most important things is to make the life span of the airbrush longer. You will be able to use it next time for the same application or another type of airbrush work. It is also important to consider the warranty of the devices and if the brand provides easy support for any issues that may arise.

The Features of A Good Airbrush Kit

Before anything else, a good airbrush kit should includes all the tools you need for your airbrushing works and applications. It should answer the need that anyone has whether its for painting or any kind of work. It means it should suit the applications it is intended to do. Thus, whichever is a good airbrush kit for a person may not be the same for another. This is considering what kind of application thus the user wants to do.

And, since there are plenty of applications which makes use of an airbrush, choosing the best airbrush kit would be dependent on that. So, we think this list of the features of a good airbrush kit might be a good start for you to look at.

Complete Package

Not all kits are created equal. As far as the completeness of the kit, there are which are complete especially the two main tools. These are the airbrush and air compressor. However, all other tools like cleaners, spray head and among others are also important. So, if you wan to choose an airbrush kit, you can check on which are complete package. This means that you will not be wondering anymore if where you get the compressor or any other tools. If the set contains all your needs, then you can start airbrushing right away.

Airbrush & Compresor Features

Each also features different airbrush and compressor, but sometimes there are those with the same airbrush. In a kit, it doesn’t that there is only one airbrush. Sometimes, there are kits which has 2 airbrushes with different types. It is a good indicator that you can have more flexibility in terms of the kind of work you want to do. The airbrush and air compressor have different types and power, you need to identify which one suits your needs.

Flexibility for Different Applications

This one is also a good feature for an airbrush kit. If the kit can be used in multiple applications, then it is better. You might want to do something different now and then later work on something different. If you have a flexible airbrush kit, then you will have greater choices on what you want to do. Flexibility is very important for an airbrush since there are plenty of works you can do with it. So, it would be helpful for you to identify which kind of airbrushing work you want to.

Wrapping up the Best Airbrush Kits

Airbrush kits are definitely good choices when you start with airbrushing especially if you already knowledge about it. Also, kits can provide you a head start since you already have the things or tools you need to start airbrushing. This way you don’t have to worry if the airbrush if compatible with the compressor and all other necessary tools because they come in as a set already.

Yes, we know it’s not easy to choose which or what is the best airbrush kit for your needs. However, it would be easier for you if you know the features of the airbrush your looking for or the capabilities of the compressor. With this, you decision will come within the capabilities of the airbrush set and the kind of need that you have for it. This is the reason why we write this list for you to have narrow list of good airbrush kits. From this list of the best airbrush kits, we hope that you will find the best one for your needs and ventures.