Best Hoverboard Skins – The Comprehensive List

By Vince Nova | Last updated on December 22, 2020

Hoverboards are definitely awesome gadgets, right? But with time and use, they definitely wear out and get some scratches. Well, the good thing is something can make them look awesome again – the hoverboard skins. Yup, they may also called hoverboard covers, stickers or decals, but one thing is sure, they can make your self-balancing scooters look great again.

However, we know that there are lots of hoverboard skins in the market. There are plenty of designs and some do not fit for certain style of hoverboards. So, we manage to put up this list of the best hoverboard skins while thinking not just about the design or aesthetic look but also the hoverboard models they fit into.

Are you ready to find the best hoverboard skins for your self-balancing electric scooters? Let’s go.

Hoverboard skin covers gives a good make over of your two-wheels self-balancing scooters. The designs you can choose are so varied that sometimes you just can’t figure out which one to buy. They are just aesthetically pleasing and gives you a sense of style while riding it.

Hoverboard skins are also waterproof and thus helps you prevent your self-balancing scooters from getting wet or corrosions. And when the hoverboard covers gets damaged overtime, most of them can just be removed without residues. Thus, you can replaced them so your hoverboards can look good again.

These hoverboard decals give the most important feature you need. It’s not just about the design. They also feature several useful advantages like protection from dents and scratches. We know that self-balancing scooters are very exposed to these damages. After all, they are outdoor gadgets which are prone to contact with walls and roads. Thus, you need something to protect it and these hoverboard covers just gives this protection for your hoverboard.

Best Hoverboard Skins 2019

We have different preferences when it comes to designs, colors and styles. When it comes to products like these, we know the opinions and choices are varied. So, we have that taken into account when we scrape the market with this list of great and cool hoverboard skins.

If you still find your style not represented here, let us know and we’ll check them out. Most probably, we’ll add them here.

Also, this post contains a comprehensive guide about hoverboard skin covers. So, you may want to read it and hope that it would help you.

Without much ado, this is our comprehensive list of the best hoverboard skins.

Let’s begin with the love for the country – the American flag. If you are curious, just check why Americans are obsessed with American flag. Who wouldn’t love this design? There are several designs of American flag hoverboard decal.  But this design and version from GameXcel just looks good, cool and elegant. If you want additional inspiration, then just look at the featured image of this post.

American Flag Hoverboard Skin

Key Features:

Green designs are just cool to look at. This infographic at Kissmetrics shows that 14% of men and women loves the green color. So, who loves green and owns hoverboards who wouldn’t love to have this design? This will definitely be one good candidate in their list. It’s not just green but it’s also flaming. So, if you love green why don’t check out this hoverboard decal from MightySkins.

Green Flames Hoverboard Skin

Key Features:

If the green flames design look great, this one is also equally great. In the same infographic from Kissmetrics, 57% of men and 35% of women said blue is their favorite color. So, we would expect that plenty would love this design from GameXcel. The design shows a tasteful showcase of the color blue.

Blue Flames Hoverboard Skin

Key Features:

Military camouflage designs are definitely nice. We admire and love the who sacrificed their lives for many of us. You can usually see people wearing camouflage shirts and other stuffs with this design. Yes, camouflage designs are lovable that even the fashion world loves camouflage designs. So, we showcase to you this gray camo design hoverboard skin cover.

Key Features:

This one comes in as a minimalist but elegant entry to self-balancing scooter skins. This color is simply tech with its clean and cool look. If you’re not yet convinced, take a look at this carbon fiber designs in Pinterest. Yes, this design is definitely awesome even without the any of those fancy, neon colors or anything. They just looks silently amazing.

Carbon Fiber Hoverboard Segway Skin

Key Features:

Are you someone who loves a mixture of colors? Well, we’d say that this one is for you. We’ll show you another inspiration for rainbow wallpaper designs. If it looks good on a computer background, why not on a moving hoverboard. It should feel like you’re riding in the rainbows, right? We hope so.

Rainbow Zoom Hoverboard Decal

Key Features:

Ride your hoverboards with this nice touch of neon colored skin. Now, even sports uniforms now showcases neon colors and yes, neon may take the world. Yes, neon colors are so lovable and they look really bright and lively. It gives energy and power that might probably be the reason why it is used in sports uniform. It gives a sense of strength, energy and enthusiasm. So, how about getting a ride with skin covers giving you some energy?

Neon Splatter Hoverboard Skin

Key Features:

Graffiti designs are often seen painted in walls. These designs shows the beauty and taste of arts. Yes, we can think of hoverboard riders riding in parks and along the streets with graffiti designs. Well, we think this is a perfect fit. It will synch in the environment. Check this cool graffiti artwoks, you’ll see why it easy to like graffiti arts. Now, are you convinced? Well, give it a try.

Graffiti Mash Up Hoverboard Skin

Key Features:

Yeah, we know they are scary. But, isn’t it just amazing how a gush of pure electricity reveals art and design. The flash of lightning shows a unique branching design which is just a pure artful. Here’s a look of the most impressive photos of lightning over famous places. Now with hoverboard skins, this purple lightning design just makes your ride more electrifying in a good sense.

Purple Lightning Hoverboard Skin

Key Features:

Well, the last is definitely not the least especially if we talked about the real thing. Yes, this hoverboard skin features gold drips and it looks really good and fancy. It’s not too much gold. It shows off how fancy a gold design can be. Now, you can wear your gold jewelries while you ride with your golden hoverboard. How about that? It’s pretty awesome, right? If you want some more golden inspiration, check this gold designs. What are you waiting for, grab your gold hoverboard skin.

Gold Hoverboard Skin

Key Features:

Hoverboard Cover – Buyers Guide

We know sometimes, it still feels like we need some guidance before we purchase something. We know the feeling. So, the best thing we could give is to you some tips. It doesn’t matter even if sometimes the price is low but it still a purchase we have to make.

We hope that this tips and reminder will help you in choosing the hoverboard skin for your self-balancing scooter. After all, every buy is but an investment that should be worth it. So, here are our tips for you:

Hoverboard & Skin Cover Compatibility

Read and check if the hoverboard skin you are considering is compatible with the model of your self-balancing scooter. This is the very first thing that you should not forget. The description of the product should state which self-balancing scooter models will the skin fit. If it’s unclear because they state that it could fit a lot of models, then email, ask or call the support of the manufacturer or seller. This should give you the information whether to pursue for that cover or look for another skin. Also, ask what other bestsellers they are offering for you to consider.

Skin Cover Material

What are you looking for the material of the skin? Most of these skins are made of vinyl. That is a good material but you have still to take good care of it since it can still be damaged. However, having the skin will help protect your hoverboard and know that you can still remove it and replace with something new. That’s the best part of it.

You create a shortlist of your favorite hoverboard skins. This way you will have something to look back and check for consideration which one to buy. Or, if your current skin gets damaged, you have something to look into for your next hoverboard skin cover.

Matching Skin Cover for the Wheels

Some of these hoverboard skins have wheel skins with matching design. If you want to have complete makeover of your self-balancing scooter, look for the matching wheel design of your hoverboard body.

We know this maybe ridiculous. However, we’ll say it anyway. The things shown here and the link where it leads to are just hoverboard skin covers. The self-balancing scooters themselves are not included. However, the picture should give you the idea to which model that the skin fits.

There you go. We hope that you will find the best self-balancing scooter skin for your hoverboard.

Installation of Hoverboard Skins

Wrapping It Up

It’s time to give your self-balancing scooter for a total makeover. We know that the more the design available, the harder it is to choose which one to buy. This is why out of the probably hundreds of hoverboard skins in the market today, we have presented this 10 good hoverboard skins for you to consider.

In summary, may this list of the best hoverboard skins, or hoverboard covers, or decals, whatever else we call it, helps you. If there’s anything else we can do, let us know. We hope you enjoy our list and good luck in finding the best self-balancing scooter skin.